E Minor Prelude - Fryderyk Chopin reworked by Simeon Walker (Piano solo)

E Minor Prelude - Fryderyk Chopin reworked by Simeon Walker (Piano solo)

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Originally composed by Fryderyk Chopin, E Minor Prelude (Op. 28, No. 4) has been arranged by Simeon Walker for strings and piano and was released as part of the album Chromium x Classics in July 2021. The piano music is now available to purchase. 

To listen follow the link here. 

Please note: Suitable for beginner level. This title is available for digital download only/print at home.

Price is per 1 set. Photocopying or duplicating the music above the permitted quantity in any format is strictly prohibited.

Composer's Note:

As a pianist, Chopin's piano music has always had a special place in my heart. His beautiful melodies, interesting harmonic progressions, use of rubato and overall expressiveness are all musical dimensions that appeal greatly to me. The 'E Minor Prelude' is, of course, a classic. Despite it's slow tempo, the forward movement and insistence of the repeated quaver accompaniment creates quite a specific mood, which I love. However, in keeping with the majority of my work and creative approach, I have attempted to create a sense of spaciousness and sparseness by reducing the first section to it's bare melodic and harmonic bones, to allow for each subtle shift in chord to be appreciated in a new way. This is contrasted by the introduction of a medium-sized string ensemble for the second section, in which the original, rich harmonic language is demonstrated further as the gentle, delicate, felted piano is almost engulfed by the warmth, dynamic swells and wider range of the strings.

My tendency towards melancholy piano music is encompassed in this rework, and I hope that the listener may find something new as a result of hearing my interpretation of the captivating original piece.

Educational Discount:

If you would like to purchase this title for educational purposes or require more than 10 copies, please get in touch at store@chromiummusic.com.

We will be happy to discuss educational and multicopy discounts.