The Jolly Whistler - David Farnon

The Jolly Whistler - David Farnon

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The Jolly Whistler has been composed for flute, two guitars, piano, vibraphone, marimba, string quartet and contra bass. It was released as part of the album 'Welcome to the Party' in 2018.

To listen follow the link here.

Please note: Suitable for intermediate level. This title is available for digital download only/print at home.

Price is per 1 set. Photocopying or duplicating the music above the permitted quantity in any format is strictly prohibited.

Composer's Note:

A riff in five-four time underscores a lively tune for flute whistling above. The piano introduces the listener to a jovial and bright quaver rhythm shortly before the other players catch on, where they quickly establish a catchy and upbeat style. A calm, contrasting middle section for strings, guitar and marimba follows, delicately playing underneath a lullaby-like melody shared between flute and vibrato. However the whistler soon returns with a recognisable melody, finishing the piece with flair.

Educational Discount:

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